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5 Baby Products Mums Really Don't Need

There's so much STUFF out there nowadays for every conceivable hobby, life event and personal taste. Weddings, fishing, baby showers, cycling... Whatever you're planning or interested in buying for, there's gadgets and fluff to support it. Babies are no different.

The house is already filling with prams, slings, nappies, clothes... Consumption can be easy to get sucked into, and it's not great for your wallet or the environment to have sooooo much unecessary stuff.

Here are my top five baby products mums really don't need in their lives.

1. Baby Shoes

Baby won't walk for many months yet and there's absolutely no point in putting shoes on their feet until they're using the little things. The shoes will just fall off, get lost, and they're fiddly to tie up if they have laces (argh!).

Source: Amazon

2. Baby Towels

Yes, babies look cute in a hood, but you can get hoodies for that! We were gifted several of these, for which I am grateful of course, but honestly, any towel we had at home would have done to dry Navy Froglet off after a bath. Babies don't care if there's a beak on the hood or a panda stitched on it.

3. A Dummy Warmer

Do I really need to go any further with this one? Honestly couldn't believe such a thing existed until a friend told me her husband had bought one!

4. A Changing Table.

Just another marketing ploy in my eyes; a chest of drawers is good enough, or the floor for when baby starts to wriggle and roll - much safer and free. I wouldn't recommend changing baby on the bed though... You'd be surprised the power of a pee jet!

5. Toys for newborns

Trust me, all your baby will do for the first 6 weeks or so is poop and feed. Stuffed toys, rattles, books and chewy things come into their own a lot later. Faces, patterns, voices, music, lights were really engaging for our little one in the early days.

Save your money for something more useful in the future like swimming lessons or school shoes, I would (I have!).

Yours, thriftfully,

Louise @ Navy Frog

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