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8 Top Technologies For New Mums

Today I'm going to share my own personal recommendations of mum tech that really helped me in the early days with Navy Froglet. Let me know in the comments below if you think of anything else which could help other mums out!

1. Nappy Tech

Cloth nappies have come a long way in the last decade or two. We're 100% cloth during the day with Navy Froglet and I get a great smug feeling every time I dress her in a non-disposable. They're just like normal nappies in terms of putting them on but with fancier designs, and now washing machines and detergents are good enough to just chuck the nappy in the washer, poo and all! I love Totsbots and Bambino Mios as a brand, and the photo below is from Mama Koala (not yet tried them, but the prints are gorgeous!).

Just substituting one disposable for a cloth nappy a day will save 1000 nappies from landfill over three years, and there are some great deals available online to ease the pressure on your wallet.

And if you really can't bring yourself to 'go cloth', the subtle tech in Lidl and Pampers nappies is impressive - the yellow strip which turns blue when the nappy's wet is a fantastic help, and the absorbency is incredible, given the lightweight nappy.

2. Amazon Prime

Whatever your feelings towards Amazon as a company, you can't deny the Prime service is awesome. Next day (even same day sometimes) delivery for baby essentials for the things that have slipped your mind, and binge-worthy box sets for when you're on a long feed, I would really miss my Prime if we cancelled it! I'm currently re-watching 'Lost' - forgot how much I loved it when I was a student!

3. Electric breast pump

Glamourous it ain't, but when you need to leave some milk supplies behind with your mum or baby's dad when you you nip out to get your eyebrow wax, an electric breastpump is your best friend. It's fast, not uncomfortable, and won't make your hands ache like a hand pump does; I recommend this one.

If you're exclusively breastfeeding, I know how you may feel about succumbing to formula for one two feeds, and we all know the amazing benefits of breastmilk. So, have a quick pump and run out for that child-free workout - an hour or two is yours!

Top tip: Pumping is more lucrative in the mornings.

4. A blender

Why a blender? For when you start to wean baby (from 6 months, they recommend). Pureed veg is a huge part of that and a good kitchen gadget or two will help with that. Life's too short to mash everything!

5. A slow cooker

While we're talking kitchen items, I'd recommend a slow cooker too, especially in these winter months. It takes about 5 mins to prep a hearty nutritious meal for the family not on an exclusive milk diet, and as it cooks your sausage casserole, chicken stew or veg broth the house will smell amazing! Check out the BBC Food website for some great recipes to get you started. And it's not so nutritious, but did you know you can even make fudge in your slow cooker??

6. A freezer

We didn't have a freezer when we first started out, but boy, am I glad we have one now! Making meals in batches and freezing portions is a great way to cope with days you're too busy with baby or too tired to cook. When you start to wean, cubes of pureed veg (which you pureed with your blender!) can be frozen in ice cube trays for easy defrosting and feeding at the start when only small portions are needed. Icecream is a reason to have a freezer too, a treat when you've had a hard day!

7. A smartphone with a good camera

The time passes so quickly in baby's first year, so don't let those memories fade - make sure you have a decent camera on your smartphone to capture early smiles, first time baby sits up, and the oh-so-cute outfits you're dressing them in.

Also, there is an abundance of baby-related apps which I found really useful. The womb sounds and white noise apps to help your newborn sleep are good, Wonder Weeks helps you track the stormy mental development phases your baby will have (reassurance it'll soon pass, if nothing else!), and I found Baby Centre really helpful too, especially while pregnant.

8. An electric thermometer

Babies get seven or eight colds in their first year on average, so a thermometer is a reassuring thing to have to hand when you're not sure just how sick they are. Is it a fever or just a cold? An ear thermometer is best, as the ones you stick in their mouth can be hard to take a reading from if your baby is upset or especially fidgety. I've seen them as cheap as £13, so they don't have to be expensive, but they're well worth having stashed in the medicine cabinet.

There we have it, my top eight tech items for new mums. Don't forget to shop around, there's lots of deals to be had, especially today (Black Friday) and especially on electricals.

Louise @ Navy Frog

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