• Louise Vargas

Check Out Our Latest Babygrows!

Here are the latest babygrows I've made for customers - who do you know that would ROCK theses looks?!

Each babygrow is made from 100% pure durable cotton in a convenient style for over-the-head or over-the-bum ease. The badges are sewn and securely attached. As with all our text adorned outfits, they're customisable, so don't worry if your baby wasn't a 'November Baby' or 'Born in Bristol', we can easily alter the design to suit you.

These new babygrows (and more!) can be found in our online shop now:

Born In [Bristol] - choose your town name to suit your baby

[MONTH] Baby - a special outfit for your baby's first birthday or first month

Unicorn - get on that toddler trend!

Louise @ Navy Frog

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