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How Grandma's Baking Helps A New Mum

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

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Grandmas, listen up! There's a way you can help your daughter or daughter-in-law breastfeed, if she's choosing to take this path - and we know you love to help out where you can!

I began breastfeeding Navy Froglet in June and I've never looked back. It's convenient, easy (for me, I know some struggle), and best of all, free tailored nutrition for my baby! However, in the early days I was, like many new mums, worried my baba might not be getting enough milk from my boobs. I was drinking lots of water and not getting stressed, which is very important for breast milk production, but wanted that extra 'oomph' to my supply.

Baking to the rescue!

I found these two fantastic recipes which made me feel like I was going the extra mile in helping to feed my little one, and they made for a great snack too during the 3am feed. The oats (a natural galactagogue, a substance used with many farm animals to increase milk production), fibrous flax seed (also high in omega 3), and brewers yeast (essentially vitamin B) all help aid milk production naturally, so these are totally guilt free snacks. The oats are also thought to lower stress levels and have slow-energy release.

Perhaps the new mum in your life would like to try some of your home baking? She'll be even more impressed when you tell her the cake is lactation boosting.

And no, there's no breastmilk in the ingredients... Lots of people asked me that!

Recipe One

Lorin's Banana Bread

This recipe is moist and delicious, and really easy to make.

As much as I loved this recipe (thank you Lorin!) I did get a bit sick of banana bread after a couple of weeks. Hello recipe number two!

Recipe Two

Lactation Cookies

This is from Clemmie Hooper's book 'How to grow a baby' (thank you Clemmie!)

I've abridged the method just for ease of typing it out.

75g oats

45g self raising flour

2 tbsp ground flaxseeds

40g brown sugar

2 tbsp brewer's yeast

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 egg

2 tbsp maple syrup

30g chocolate chips

Mix all the dry ingredients together, apart from the chocolate chips. Mix together the wet ingredients separately. Combine both and add the chocolate chips. This makes a sticky dough. Spoon little mounds onto a lined baking tray, remembering they will spread when baking, so not too close to each other. Cool for 10-15 mins at 180 degrees until browned. Leave to cool on a wire rack - they'll be good in an air tight container for around a week.

A little cheat: I didn't have brewer's yeast and wasn't going to go on a huge hunt for it with a newborn; I just used normal dried fast-action bread yeast. It's not the same, but you still get loads of benefits from the flax and oats.

Let me know how you get on - I'm sure you'll be due some 'grandma points' after this!

Happy grandparenting,

Louise @ Navy Frog

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