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How to Recycle Your Bamboo Products

Have you met the Navy Frog Eco Baby Box? This gift box, being eco-conscious, obviously has recycling at its core. The packaging made from cardboard and paper (widely recycled). As a bonus, all the gifts and treats are plastic-free and locally sourced where possible. If not, I try to get the goodies from other small businesses.

Two of the products you'll find in my Eco Baby Boxes are made from bamboo, switching out from plastic. Make It Wild are my suppliers - find out more about them on my blog here.

Why bamboo?

- it's anti-bacterial and odour resistant

- bamboo is anti-fungal and hardwearing

- it's 100% biodegradable and still 40% more absorbant than even the finest organic cotton

Using biodegradable bamboo products means there is one less plastic item bobbing around on the ocean surface or filling up landfill, but they still need to be disposed of or composted properly for maximum environmental friendliness.

So which bamboo products do I love and want to share with you? And how can you make the most out of the product by recycling or reusing it?

Child's bamboo toothbrush

Plastic-free, medium bristles with a naturally antibacterial handle.

Bamboo toothbrushes last just as long as your standard plastic ones: 6 months is what dentists recommend for best hygiene and performance.

- reuse as a bathroom scrubber - great for limescale or mould.

- re-purpose the handles as garden markers to label your plants

- use the (dry!) toothbrush to clean laptop keyboards

- clean football boot studs with it

- bristles can be pulled out and recycled with your other household plastics. They're not biodegradable unfortunately, but it's less than a gram of plastic there.

- home compost the handle (around 6 months to biodegrade) or bury it horizontally (around 3 years to biodegrade).

Bamboo cotton buds

These are still single use, but plastic-free. A perfect alternative to that useful but evil baby essential. These are a little harder to reuse as they're often used for icky things, but I have some ideas, particularly for the sticks:

- any unused leftovers post-baby can be a craft item

- with child-friendly glue, you can save the sticks for a K'Nex type building activity when your baby is older

- cut the end into a point and use as a toothpick

- useful to light candles with hard-to-reach wicks

Can you think of any other ways of reusing or recycling your bamboo products?

Louise @ Navy Frog

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