• Louise Vargas

I'm 'Christmas Baby Box' Packing!

Christmas is just over a month away and the orders for my Christmas Baby Box are starting to come in - very exciting! It's so lovely that people want to support a small business and make some memories for their growing families.

Just now I prepared a Christmas baby box for a lady who doesn't know the sex yet of their imminent arrival, but she wanted a Christmas outfit for him or her even if they are as yet nameless, so I'm sending a babygrow which simply says 'My First Christmas', along with a copy of 'The Night Before Christmas'. The boxes also include a Christmas card and they're wrapped up very festive with ribbon and felt Santas.

The 'My First Christmas' babygrow looks cute, of course, but personalised outfits are my firm favourite. I can't wait to dress Navy Froglet in her Christmas outfits!

Why did I choose this collection of items for the Christmas Baby Box?

Well, you know that personalised babygrows are Navy Frog's 'thing', and who doesn't love a Christmas jumper? Why should baby miss out on the fun?! Also, the book 'The Night Before Christmas' by Clement C. Moore has special memories for me. My dad (still!) would read the poem to each of his kids in bed on Christmas Eve, often three times over if we kids were adamant we needed a rendition in each of our own beds! I really love the idea of helping to start a tradition for other families of reading this book at Christmas time. You KNOW Navy Froglet will be having this read to her a few times!

How are you preparing for Christmas? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Louise @ Navy Frog

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