• Louise Vargas

New Products For Eco Baby Boxes!

I had a special delivery this week - the first of the new products for Navy Frog Eco Baby boxes! It's taken lots of investigating and trialling of the new items, from baby balm to tote bags, and it's finally time to release them!

I am so excited to have these products here and ready to be boxed up into gifts for new mums and babies who want to live a greener existence!

That's the last '!' for a bit, I promise.

Take a look at what could be in your next Eco Baby box...

From top left:

Bagcu tote bags for storing nappies, carrying groceries, a swim bag for baby

Bamboo cotton buds (plastic free) sourced from another small biz

Woodland wooden toy from a local Bristol shop - foxes, owls and rabbits all feature in our boxes now

From bottom left:

Reusable breast pads and baby balm - protecting mummy's clothes and baby's bum!

Little Miss Busy - Surviving Motherhood - a light-hearted book I highly recommend for new mums. It was a gift to me once, and it's a good reminder of mum self-care and not comparing yourself to other 'super' mums.

Wooden rattle - perfect for when little hands start to grab... Navy Froglet's nabbed one for herself already!

!!! COMING SOON !!! Bamboo toothbrushes for when teething begins

Order your first Eco Baby Box today to be one of the first to try these new goodies!

They're all tested and recommended by me and Navy Froglet, so if you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us at NavyFrogUK@gmail.com.

Happy Mum-ing!

Louise @ Navy Frog

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