• Louise Vargas

Our Baby Boxes Just Got Better!

Navy Frog gift boxes (subscription and single boxes) needed a refresh, and that's exactly what I've been working on over the last week or so. I've been canvassing parents and customers to see what they would like to see arrive at Navy Frog, and this is what we've created together.

The NEW IMPROVED gift boxes

- are now available to buy singularly if you don't want a full year's subscription

- have an additional item included (Eco Baby Boxes only)

- are cheaper overall - up to 30% savings! - with smarter sourcing of products

- can save you 20% if you subscribe

- are filled with a wider range of products

New Baby Box (single) - £30.00

New Baby Box (4 box subscription) - £99.00

Eco Baby Box (single) - £29.00

Eco Baby Box (4 box subscription) - £92.00

Most businesses charge more for eco-friendly products.... Ours are actually cheaper!

Order your boxes today!

Stay tuned for another blog later this week showing off all the new products you may receive in your New Baby or Eco Baby Box!

Special thanks to Louise G, Sarah D and Sophie for their feedback. You legends!

Louise @ Navy Frog

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